Total Nitrogen (N)


Urea Nitrogen (N)


Water-Soluble Phosphor Pentaoxyde(K2O5)


Water-Soluble Zinc (Zn)



With its low pH Zinep is a source for both phosphor and zinc. Plants intakes these two easily and readily. Energy transfer (ATP) is effective on carrying and storing substances like saccharid and sarch. It’s in effect in many activities where carbonhydrates are turning into hormones, proteins and energy.

It participates in nucleic acid (DNA) formation and gene transfer.

It’s essential  for flower and fruit formation and root growth.

It’s necessary for cell division and new cell formation. It regulates the growth of meristem tissues. It participates in carrying of carbonhydrates and saccaharid. It’s necessary for hormonal activities and is the structural element of auxin. It makes plant roots to strengthen and generative parts - florescence - to occur without any problems

Zinep 70