Contains 350 grams of soil acids per liter.



Unique Salt regulates soil pH in (Solidified, Calcareous). Soils with the acids it contains, secustractor  subtances in it secustrates plant nutrients retained in the soil and makes them to be intaken by plant body. When Unique Salt is given through drip watering, it opens system's noozles blocked by lime. With the help of the acids it contains, Unique Salt takes an important part in intaking nutrients in organic form and turiningn them into inorganic form. When Unique Salt is added to pesticide water with calculation of 100-200 ml/100 litre due to water’s hardness level, it binds the trace elements in water such as Calsium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) known as lime to it’s body and removes their negative effects. One kilograms of Unique Salt reduces the pH of one ton of water by one degree.


It’s recommended to be used at 25-30 days intervals through dripping for a 1000 m2 area.

It provides ventilation in soil thus promotes rooting.

Unique Salt