Water-Soluble Boron (B)


Water-Soluble Copper (Cu)


Water-Soluble Iron (Fe)


Water-Soluble Manganese (Mn)


Water-Soluble Zinc (Zn)



Tyron Combi Is a complex fertilizer with balanced trace metals in it andthat can quickly responds the lack of these trace metals in plants.Tyron Combi can both be applied through leaf and by mixing with fertilizers with out dripping. It's %100 water-soluble. It's in taken by the plant right after applying. During growing stages of plant micro elements are needed along with macro elements. In some situations where there's lack of micro elements, there can be anomalies like greensick, necrosis, paleness, leaf fall in plants and regression in plant growth, spots and rotting on fruits. With the help of micro elements M it, it preventssuch diseasesto be seen in plants. 

Tyron Combi